It doesn’t just have to be a table.

Hoerboard is a German based company that specifically deals with custom made DJ furniture.  Hoerboard was founded by a man named, David Kornmann.  He believes in using clean, smooth, and beautiful design for their creations. A quote from the site:

“Our intense search for simplicity and the removal of everything unessential has resulted in the creation of functional and visually pleasant products: beauty is simple.”

Hoerdboard hires the most skilled professional craft mans to construct your product and to make sure it last as long as forever.  Obviously not everyone uses the same equipment that is why each one is made custom to your specifications and equipment.  More or less slots can be added for equipment at any size.  One of the best features of there design is that all wires, connections, and cables are hidden inside the console.  The console can even be finished in a wood grain, matte, or glossy finish to your liking.

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