Paris Fashion Week

For those who don’t know, its Paris Fashion Week (Jan. 15-23).  This happens twice a year in times before Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  It gives a chance for brands to show case their new items for the upcoming seasons. The shows also gives first look at one of a kind dresses that hopefully get picked up by some of the worlds most renowned stylist, thus leading to an A-List actor on that red carpet to that big award show many love. This also caps off international fashion weeks, in order of New York, London, and Milan.  You know many brands and some of the creators behind them, and here is a photo of someone who is definitely there. You know and love his work at times and so does the rest of the world.

Quick Bio: Karl Lagerfeld

Born in 1938, he quickly grew into the fashion realm.  By 1955 he was working with people such as Jean Patuo, Charles Jourdan, and Valentino.  In 1967 he joined Fendi and then made the historic move to Chanel in 1983.  He mainly does free lance work now for anyone that wants it, from costumes to cars.  He is also known for his photography skills, which he has developed over the years. (recently shot VMAN’s most recent cover with Kanye West)