Are gadgets and new technologies getting too wrapped up into looking shiny, having way too much potential that only a computer genius’s can figure out, and just being at a price point that is ridiculous because of that “potential”???

Well the folks at NoteSlate have came up with a very cool product that takes it back to the basics with just a pinch of technology sprinkled in, all for $100.  Remember when you just took notes, wrote in your diary, sketch drawings with just paper and a pencil/pen? Well  Noteslate brings you a plain 1-bit black and white image and nice paper feel, and that is just about it.  They kept it simple, which is why we like it.  Draw/write anything you like and save it for later, the Noteslate can save up to 70,000 pages on the tablet device itself.

It has some other features as well like wi-fi, an SD card slot, and 3.5mm audio jack.  The wi-fi is to connect to the NoteSlate network so that you can save online or just share.  The SD card slot is for an expansion is 70,000 pages isn’t enough for you.  It also serves as your personal music library if you want some tunes, thus the audio jack.

For more information: NoteSlate