ADAPT Relief T-Shirt

Most of you have heard but a huge earthquake followed by massive tsunamis hit Japan 2 days ago.  The earthquake measured at an 8.9, which is the 5th largest earthquake recorded in history.   The country is in complete disarray, the worst mess since World War II experts say and financial analyst have their are early estimates that the cost will total over $160 billion and that does not include the financial troubles in the dropping stock market.   Nuclear hazards are a danger too now, the earthquake has knocked out the cooling systems in the nuclear plants making them dangerous and now many people are getting tested for radiation.  Also their are predictions of late aftershocks to hit Japan.  The tsunamis that follow, effect many more than just Japan though and can even effect areas as far as Hawaii.  For more information go to any news website you prefer.

Clothing label ADAPT wanted to do their part with a special charitable t-shirt instead of standing idly by. In black or white with 100% of the proceeds going to the special fund set up by the American Red Cross.

Go here to purchase your t-shirt and do your part: ADAPT

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