Soul Forward: Day 077 (Winter/Equinox)

Diddy-Dirty Money “Ass on the Floor (remix)” (LoveLove/HateLove, 2011)

This week I’m in Texas, and my Power and Soul fam know that I ride for Southern hip hop.   One of the best ways to understand Southern hip hop is in the after-hours spot.  In Houston,  they run from 2 AM til long after sunrise, Wednesday thru Sunday.  This week’s first selection is for late nights, strong drinks, and smoky dancehalls:  Tricky Stewart and The-Dream’s remix of “Ass on the Floor” should definitely have the women grindin’ and winin’ (pole not required).

PSA: If you don’t have the mixtape this comes from, or even the OG album (Last Train to Paris, 2011, for those keeping score at home) then KILL URSELF.

The second selection is for the cats that hungrily watch them fine young women on stage and on the floor; for the hustlers in the corners and at the pool tables making deals and selling dreams.  ‘Parkin Lot Pimpin’ is a way of life in the South, and many things go down in the heat of the night.   Play this music at high volume on the right system, and feel your neck sway to the beat.

Mexicans With Guns – Highway To Hell f. Freddie Gibbs & Bun B by J.Rome

Mexicans with Guns feat. Freddie Gibbs and Bun B “Highway to Hell (Ridin Dirty Mix)”  (Ceremony, 2011) [h/t Potholes in My Blog]