Soul Forward: Day 091 (Spring)


I got a song stuck in my head today.

You probably haven’t heard it in awhile; I’m technically (shut up.) not old enough to have heard it when it came out.  The reason why I’m bringing it to you today is because it made me realize that much I love soulful music, no matter who sings it. Listen to the heartache and sadness in her voice and tell me it doesn’t touch you.

But, listening to Stevie Nicks reminded me of another favorite, which led me to this (which you may have heard before, but listen anyways):

(Bonus points if you listened long enough to hear the homage to Switch in the middle of the song)

When you put the two together, I ended up with this, a step towards the Soul Forward aesthetic I live and breathe:

James Blake “CMYK” (CMYK, 2009)

I love when music can be homey, signifying, forward thinking and backwards looking (like the Sankofa bird), and SOULFUL.  Even when non-Black folks do it.

Spring’s comin y’all…stay warm.

PS – Bonus points for anyone who can identify the female artists James Blake sampled for CMYK. SuperDUPER bonus if you can tell me which SONGS the lyrics came from.



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  1. Yellow

    P.S. Bonus: female voice sounds like Kelis but its AALIYAH!
    “Are u that somebody”
    Give me my points god!!!!