The Fashion Show Beginnings…

So, we have been doing our annual charity fashion show since 2005 (with a brief hiatus in 2009).  We wanted to give you a brief timeline and also a small summary of each show so you can see the progression.  We work EXTREMELY hard and with sincere passion to provide you a unique cultural, socially relevant and fashion forward experience every year.  Pay close attention and you will see our themes run through EVERY aspect of our production.  From music, to runway design, to graphic design, to hair, makeup and clothing.  It all connects.  Each show has been a great success and they get better yearly.  We plan to bring you this annual event (continuing with 2011’s Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop) and consciously intend to surpass any and all expectations you may have.  If we ever begin to bore you or you catch yourself saying, “man, its the same thing as last year” then we are not doing what we have set out to do.    Let’s catch you up on the past shows (In chronological order):

2005 – Altered Egos

Date: FRI APR 29, 2005  Location: The Highdive  Attendance: ~250
Charity: The Global Fund + The Julianna Timm Children’s Fund
Altered Egos was our first show.  The theme revolved around the many different personas we as functioning adults have to embody to make our way through life.  Some natural and necessary.  Some self imposed.  Some perceived as necessary by social pressures.  Some complimentary.  Some vehemently opposed.  We used fashion to represent these many Altered Egos.

2006 – 7DS: The Seven Deadly Sins

Date: SAT APR 22, 2006  Location: The Highdive  Attendance: ~360*
Charity: The Julianna Timm Children’s Fund
Seven Deadly Sins – or 7DS – was our sophomore effort which still stands as one of the more memorable shows for many reasons!  Not the least of which is due to the fact that we WAY oversold* the venue.  Which was simultaneously a wonderful thing and a major frustration.  We were not expecting such a large turnout coupled with us still being somewhat green to the fashion show production world.  We got through it though.  Also memorable was the fact that production level was significantly and noticeably more advanced than our first show.  Regarding both situations, experience is clearly the greatest teacher indeed!  As the title suggests, we used this show to examine the character of the 7 Deadly Sins, or the Capital Vices as they are also known:  Pride, Lust. Wrath, Vanity, Envy, Gluttony and Sloth.  7 scenes of fashions that exemplified each of the Deadly Sins.

2007 – Aether: The Fifth Element

Date: SAT APR 21, 2007  Location: The Canopy Club  Attendance: ~450
Charity: The Julianna Timm Children’s Fund

Due to 2006’s huge over-success, we were forced to move to a larger venue.  Enter the first of 2 shows at The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL.  Aether: The Fifth Element examined the four classical elements (Earth, Wind, Air, Fire) with the inclusion of the fifth element – all the space between everything in the Universe – known by the ancient Greeks as the Aether.  We discussed these  elements within the context of Hip Hop culture and the four pillars of Hip Hop – MC’ing, DJ’ing, Graffiti writing and Breakdancing –  where DJ = Earth, MC = Fire, Graffiti = Water, Breaking = Air.  5 scenes where the fashion and styling related (abstractly so…not directly) to each element and the final scene being a futuristic amalgamation of it all.

2008 – LightWorks

Date: SAT APR 19, 2008  Location: The Canopy Club  Attendance: ~500
Charity: The Center For Women in Transition

In 2008 we welcomed you to the Lightworks Factory!  This was a factory like any other minus one minor detail.  We manufactured nothing.  In fact we deconstructed!  Lightworks – or LWKS – was a deconstruction of societal ills.  To tear to the foundation an issue so it can be rebuilt and fixed.  We started with a fitted, crisp, put together look and decontructed this throughout 5 scenes down to – essentially – Armageddon.  Rough and raw.  The fashions as well as the music took you on this journey of deconstruction.  A very powerful show!

2010 – Ascension

Date: SAT MAY 01, 2010  Location: The Orpheum Theatre  Attendance: ~550
Charity: The Center For Women in Transition
Last year we brought you Ascension.  In 2010 we also took our production to a new venue…The historic Orpheum Theatre!  What a wonderful space.  Ascension was about making major change.  Life change.  Change to elevate ourselves, to right wrongs and change focus towards the positive.  Change like this is not easy to say the least.  Our fashion show progressed through this struggle:  from “the tipping point” to enlightenment.  Fashion started off straightforward of the norm.  We took the fashions (and you!) on a journey that broke everything down to a blank slate and then built back up to a freer, more flowing, colorful and energetic styling to symbolize a positive life change stemming from much struggle.  See some pics from Ascension here.

2011 – Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop [upcoming show]

Date: SAT APR 30, 2011  Location: The Orpheum Theatre  Attendance: TBD
The Center For Women in Transition

Let’s give you a brief glimpse into what we have in store for the upcoming charity fashion show.  Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop (pronounced: pier-ik pas-teesh pop) will center around the mixture and ultimate fusion of different – and often unrelated – generes/art forms/etc to form something new (like a song “mashup”).  We immerse ourselves in this idea throughout the whole show with the central fashions and their supporting cast of music and design.  Here’s the question however…has there been any cultural “cost” shouldered by the original pieces which have come together to form this new creation once this newly created art gains a popularity of its own??  Hmmm.  JOIN US!


So their you have it.  A trip from the beginning to now.  We are excited about the upcoming show!  Please come join us on April 30th, 2011 for the Sixth Annual Charity Fashion Show, Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop in support of Power n Soul Pro. & The Center for Women in Transition.

Tickets available here.

For more information about Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop: Click Here


7DS model – Ms. Jazmyne Jones
LWKS model – Ms. Whitney Harris.  Photography by: Kelly Strycker
Ascension model – Ms. Kimberly Matthews.  Photography by: Bradley Murray
PyPaPo model – Ms. Whitney Harris.  Photography by: Stacey Cooney
ALL IMAGES designed by: Douglas “Delayney” Layne
©2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 Power n Soul Pro.  All rights reserved.