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DJ BR!S and the Salsa Community

Part one of three featured articles about the Salsa community in Champaign-Urbana is an biographical exposé about myself. Trust me this is hardly self-promoting. In it you’ll find such juicy morsels as the fact that my mom thinks it’s funny that Bris “goes back to the house three times because he forgets the key, or his wallet or something else.”

No regrets. It was a nice experience to get my record down of the salsa history in Champaign. Thank you Alyssa Schoeneman for bringing focus to part of the work we do through Pwrnsl. I am looking forward to parts two and three of this series, mostly because I expect them to be less about me.

Read the full article at Smile Politely or after the jump (*ahem* page 2).

Update: Part II: “Those who can, teach” is up on Smile Politely and here on Page 3.

Update: Part III: “I like the nightlife” is up on Smile Politely and here on Page 4.