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J*DaVeY | Smells Like Teen Spirit (cover)

The duo out of LA – J*Davey – puts out a great smoothed out version of the very classic Nirvana (RIP Kurt Cobain) track “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Female vocalist, Briana Cartwright’s (known by the stage name Miss Jack Davey) voice is haunting and unique enough to pull off Cobain lyrics rather well.  Producer, Brook D’Leau lays down a great sound to match.  Very smooth.  The track has a quieter groove – reminiscent of the vibe on the verses of the original – and maintains that feel throughout, even over the choruses, where Cobain and Nirvana originally ramped up the energy.

I have always loved “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and quite honestly never fathomed that a reinterpretation of this classic track could ever possibly do the original justice.  J*Davey appears to have proved me wrong.  Pleasant surprise indeed.  Much respect to J*Davey and to Nirvana and the late great Mr. Cobain.  Take a listen and see what you think.

You can find the “Smells Like Teen Spirit (cover)” on the 5 track EP entitled Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes. On which, “Quicksand” is another standout track.  For which, they are apparently filming a video per the latest J*Davey email update.

Check out J*DaVey on Facebook.  Trust me, they are worth at least looking into.