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Soul Forward: Day 128 (Spring)


Nicholas Jaar – “Ishmael” (h/t Pinboard Blog)

Ishmael www.pinboardblog.com by PinBoardBlog.com

My bad, fam.  I’ve been MIA thanks to ferocious deadlines and the end of the semester.

Hopefully, you’ll accept this treat as a make-up – something suitable for your mom to listen to or even just to jam yourself as you drive down the road on this lovely summer day.  The artist is Nicholas Jaar, and the Internetz have been buzzing over his prowess as a producer.  Shan Phearon, of Pinboard Blog, tells us:

this unrehearsed cover of the mesmerizing ‘Ishamel’ by South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim recorded down at Maida Vale sounds wonderfully organic, loose and bass-driven. Fine accompaniment comes in the form of Will Epstein (sax) Dave Harrington (organ/piano) and Ian Simms (percussion).