The Soundtrack for Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop

My only initial suggestion that remained in the name of the fashion show is the word “Pop”. I am surprised it did not get replaced with the word “Oleo”. That one was hot in the running for a few weeks.

All of the name iterations we came up with were inspired by the music movement of mashups. The professor (Mowatt) was the first to point out the destructive nature of this genre of music. The subject of how creativity sometimes means the destruction of original pieces of art was summarized by Delayney in one word, pyrrhic.

Delayney: did u see the PYRRHIC PASTICHE POP suggestion too?
me: Hmmm
Delayney: pyrrhic being a victory at a cost
me: Yeah… I like it better than Plastic

Once we settled on the concept and name for the show, it was only natural for deejays to work on the music next. Mowatt led the way. Every song culled to fit perfectly for each scene of the show. Then, Delayney and I proceeded to mashup our own impressions into the mix. We had stayed true to our concept. Even the music selection process was pyrrhic, pastiche, and pop. Here it is for your listening pleasure, Pyrrhic Pastiche Pop–The Fashion Show Soundtrack:

[audio:|titles=prim x power] [audio:|titles=peace x plenary] [audio:|titles=prime x passion]

If you would like to enjoy this in your favorite mp3 player, you can download all three tracks here for a limited time.