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Black Milk x Jack White

An intriguing collabo indeed.  Detroit natives Black Milk (independent producer and MC) and Jack White (guitarist best known as part of The White Stripes until their split in Feb 2011) got together to make some music.  Pretty dope in theory alone.  As a fan of Milk’s I immediately had to check this out.  Which then prompted me to look more into Mr. White.  In turn, this has led me to a greater appreciation of him and his music.  This is precisely why I feel cross-genre collaborations like these (good ones at least!) are SO important to our music culture.

As the story goes, Jack White contacted Black Milk (via email) after becoming familiar with Milk’s music through the “Deadly Medley” video.  Black Milk and his band met White and his bandmates at White’s home studio in Nashville for a two day session that lead to the creation of two songs.  Check out “Royal Mega” below.

The two tracks will be released as Black Milk singles by Third Man Records today (7.12.11) on 7″ vinyl and via iTunes.  White not only co-produced the singles but also played guitar on “Brain” and drums on “Royal Mega”. You can stream both cuts as well as read more of the back story on Black Milk’s website.