Devil In A New Dress

Seems like more and more rumors are coming up and now from more reliable sources. It seems that Mr. West has been working very hard a line to preview to us in the New York Fashion Show. As some of you may remember he was suppose to come out with a line for men called Pastelle a couple years ago but never did. Not sure why it never did but I heard he was quite angry when photo’s leaked from the line. If you are a fan our Mr. West you can easily tell that his fashion and style sense has changed much from his College Dropout days to his most recent My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

He has went to hire some very great minds to help him with his launch, first being Louise Wilson.  A Bristish professor and course director of the MA degree of Fashion Design at Central Saint Martin College in London. Some of her past student were Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane, Giles Deacon and the quite popular Alexander McQueen. For more info about Mrs. Wilson here is a link to an interview she did with the magazine The Scotsman.  Mr. West has also gotten Louise Goldin on board, an up and coming designer from London who debuted in 2005.  She is known for her knits she does, unusual weaves, futuristic patterns, and also using a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics.  She is also known for her collaboration with TopShop from 2007 until now.

The line is very much anticipated and you know Mr. West won’t leave anything to chance.  OHH and by the way, its a WOMENS line…We’ll be waiting Mr. West…..