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MySpace news???

Did I just say MySpace news??? Yes I did MySpace is finally back on the blogs and in your face. Not this is making a come back but it was officially sold June 30th to Specific Media for $35 million. It sounds kind of much for something that was….well you could say a “trending topic” but when originally valued it was $580 million. At least that how much New Corporation paid for it in 2005.  New Corporation has other companies like Fox News, New York Post, and 20th Century Fox, so you would have thought MySpace might become as big as those but…… MySpace has tried to rebound several times in the past couple years with competing social networks mainly Facebook and now Twitter.  In desperation MySpace even went as to add “Connect with Facebook” button due to Facebook’s Popularity.

Their are no specific details to the sale but New Corporation was still hold a minority stake in it. Majority will be held not only by Specific Media but also and yes, seriously…Justin Timberlake.