Prove that you are a great deejay!

If you are one the lucky ones to have a Facebook friend already using turntable.fm, you’ll be able to access this incredibly addicting music discovery and sharing service. What makes turntable.fm different from other online music services like Pandora for example, is that is completely driven by virtual deejays (real people selecting music) in front of a virtual audience (real people listening to music).

Once in turntable.fm, you select a room that describes your favorite style of music (for example Classic 90’s Hip Hop room or the Salsa room I created when I first joined). Depending on the popularity of the room, you can jump up to one of five deejay spots and make your own contributions to the mix or listen as an audience member instead. If you hear a track that’s no good, you have the option of voting it down with the “lame” button. If enough people vote it down, the track gets skipped. Alternatively, there is an “awesome” button for when the song is just right. You also have the option of saving an individual track  being played to your deejay cue with additional links to purchase it from itunes or amazon.com

Personally, I wish I were throwing a party with a bunch of my friends. We could easily hook up one computer to a sound system and divide the deejay responsibilities, each from our own lap top. There is no mixing of course which I think makes it even more challenging. Every song must stand on its own from beginning to end.

Considering how simple of an offering turntable.fm is making, there is no way to express how addicting it is. Nevertheless, try it out and be forewarned, if you get on the turntables have your crate of music ready and watch as either the audience heads bob or your song gets skipped. See how long it takes you to start frantically looking for the next track that will keep the party going (and gain you fan points); your work and responsibilities will fade into the background.

Also, look out for the gorillas, apparently they are awesome deejays. She or he is probably an IT person working in a dark cubicle somewhere becoming a legend.