Saw this come up recently on one of the blogs i check (CoolHunter).  An architect named Fred Mafra from Brazil designed nightclubs, but this is one he originally designed and was able to rework it.  This is Josefine/Roxy.

The space has two dance floor, three bars, four VIP areas that can somehow be combined to make one big one, two lounges, and a smoking area on the retractable roof.  Mafra has incorporated many hexagons and triangle forms in the venue.  He gave it a honeycomb ceiling, black/white floors, padded vinyl seating and walls, and gave it a great look with the creative LED lighting.

Since 2007, this has been one of the strongest players in Savassi, which is the nightlife area of Belo Horizonte.  This is also the largest city in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil and also the capitol.