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Birthday Party Get Down ((Delayney))

Damn time flies. Delayney’s birthday party time again. No better place to celebrate than where he has held a 4+ year weekly residency…


As is customary on at his Bday Bash, Delayney will be be turning over the turntables to some of his good DJ friends.  There will bee TWO rooms of music with different DJs. That’s pretty fresh.  We’re looking forward to a good night of great tunes and DJ Delayney actually kickinit versus being on the tables all night!

“I am geeked to hear my guys play and allow me to kickit to THEIR tunes. Hell of a bday present if you ask me!” – Delayney

DJ ROC ON (Indy/Chi), DJ KOSMO, DJ DIF-EQ, DJ A-RON and DJ Delayney…plus more….

“Those of you who know me well, know that all I need to make me happy is 1) GOOD PEOPLE. 2) GOOD MUSIC. And 3) GOOD TIMES. Simple. It would be my sincere honor to have you in attendance to be part of this equation!  Respect!”

AND you know I like my pictures. To help try and capture all these GOOD moments to happen, Kisada will be there camera in hand.  So lets all get a picture together so I can look back at these moments and enjoy every one of them.

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Get at us if you wanna grab a wristband for free entry before midnight! 🙂