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“Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them” | Blu + Exile

Another Blu album for 2011 (that’s technically four of ’em!  Hardest working man in hip hop??).  This time he reunites with his musical soul-mate, Exile.  “Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them” is apparently material from 2009 so it’s technically not new, but this the first time it has been let out of the vault so it’s new to us.  If you are a fan of their original effort which put Blu on the map (2007’s, now classic “Bellow The Heavens”) you will enjoy Flowers.  Exile’s sample-heavy, soulful beats are a match made in hip hop heaven for Blu’s vocals and this latest venture of theirs is no exception.  Very soulful.  Very fresh.

It’s available to buy (see above) for $15.  A tad bit overpriced in the scheme of things (especially considering it’s unmastered/mixed) but definitely worth it if you are even a slight fan.  Also, peep a good article here at the L.A. Times music blog by Jeff Weiss.

As many of you know, I am a huge fiend for sample digging in hip hop, and Exile provides a cornucopia of them on much of his work.  Here’s a standout track off “Give Me Flowers…” entitled “o heaven” (track 14).  Below that is the original track which contains the lovely  sample of June Christy’s lines “somewhere there’s music / somewhere there’s heaven” layered into Exile’s track.  Butta!  Enjoy.

– delayney [follow]

“o heaven” [bonus track]

The sample: June Christy “How High The Moon”