Rappin’ 2yr old!

Seriously, if this doesn’t warm your heart…you don’t have one!  Just click play and enjoy.  It’s a dope video of a two year old named Khaliyl in a cypher with an adult (could be his dad or brother perhaps.  Seems like family but I have no sure context to say this for certain.)  He’s rapping in “gibberish” however I am positive he knows damn well what he is saying!  Lol.  It’s cute – yes – but here’s the amazing part: check the little boy’s timing and cadence.  It’s so ridiculously on point.  Especially his second “verse”!  Sad to say, but at 2, son has more style and swag than many a grown rapper nowadays!  True story.  (Shout out to our homegirl, Jazmyn H., for putting us on to this video!)
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  1. Dionne

    Purely adorable!

  2. Jazmyn

    UGHH!! My fav video on youtube! I feel a million things when i watch this. LOVE <3