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Aretha Black Star

BlackStar gave us a wonderful performance Jan 3rd on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (which by the way have THE ROOTS as their house band).  Mos Def and Talib Kweli are releasing their upcoming FREE mixtape Aretha Black Star, which is set to release in the spring.  They performed a new track off the tape called “You Already Knew” which was followed up by an always cool “Little Brother”, and what more to have The Roots backing them up!

Check out the bonus video with ?uestlove explaining the beat behind “Little Brother” and giving homage to the late, great J Dilla.  Check out the PWRNSL post: J Dilla


  1. Delayney

    FLY. AS. HELL!!

  2. they alway DOPE!
    & they microphone is always im·pen·e·tra·ble!