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Rock to Roll

The cold weather usually brings the whiskey, scotch, or cognac drinker within us.  It gives us that good warm feeling inside with every sip.  But the connoisseur’s know that too much ice can ruin this deep smooth liquid heater.  So ironically the the makers of this Roller Rock Glass were thinking the same thing.  This nicely designed glass comes with a spike on the bottom for the Rock to Roll between it and the edge of the glass.  The “Rock” coming from a mold the glass comes with to form your ice.  This lets it cool the beverage without cooling it down.

A nice gift if I do say so myself (only $22).

One Comment

  1. At first, I thought this was one of those whisky stone type accessories, where it puts a cold stone in your spirit instead of ice. I’m not a fan of those, because a bit of ice or water opens up the spirit, and offers a different experience. Obviously, you shouldn’t “drown” your spirit in ice — that’s cause for war. But spherical-shaped ice is better for cocktails and spirits, because of the surface area. It melts slower and more even, bringing just enough water to the party. Depending on how large they are, the better. You should get ice that’s large and solid. Macallan has this spherical ice ball machine that goes for some crazy amount — either $1500 or $15K. But yeah, round ice is where it’s at. Good form, indeed! When is Christmas again??? *harrumph*