Liam saw NYFW

“I take photos of well dressed people on the street.”   -Liam

For those who didn’t catch EVERYTHING of New York Fashion Week (let me know if this is possible btw), Liam Goslett of liamsawthis posted a video capturing the weeks madness in an amazing array of photos.  I discovered this video through The GQ Eye.  I’ve added a few shots from Liams website that I personally liked and I recommend checking out the actually site  for the full lot of photos as well.

“This is the entirety of my week. New York Fashion Week in 5 minutes. 3600 digital frames. Everything I saw from the street. There’s no shows, just the streets. This is all of it. Whipping by at 1/125th of a second, which is my usual shutter speed. This is how fast I saw things, and this is how fast you get to see it.”

Much love…