That “something”

“An object is seen when our eyes capture light that is reflected from the object. If we extract just the light that is reflected from ‘something,’ are we still in the presence of that ‘something?’ Using contours of light, I try to express this ‘something.”

That quote is from Makoto Tojiki, an artist born in Miyazaki, Japan.  He graduated from Kinki University Kyushi faculty of Engineering Industrial Design (there’s a mouthful).  He had a career as an inhouse designer from 1998-2003, but in 2003 he began his career as a full-time artist.  With that he established MAKOTO TOJIKI DESIGN.  So now he lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.

As it is obvious his primary medium of art is light.  The most recent show “No Shadow” was inspired the interconnectedness of light and shadow and how they can be manipulated and controlled.  Here is a quote below about from his website.

“Sometimes an object appears differently from how we remember it to be. Yet, this is often not because the object itself has changed, but it is caused by a change in the observer’s perspective. This change may also be related to, and expressive of, the object’s essence. My interest is in exploring, “When, and for what reason, does a person’s perception of an object change?” Through my work, I seek to stimulate how people see objects. By extracting its essence, I seek to express that which lies at an object’s core.”

The works looks spectacular and maybe we’ll be able to see it in person, but until then, keep it up sir.  Also if you want to send us “bird” this way, THANKS.  Check out more of his work on his website (link above)