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Barefoot Running | Nike Free

“If you have a body, you are an athlete” -Nike

With the recent release of this years Nike Free’s,  I thought I’d do a quick post on the story behind them.  It was originally going to be the history but its harder than I thought to find all the information from #1 to now.  So here are some videos, the video playing is Mark Miner, Senior Nike Footwear Designer and designer of the Nike Free Run+. Next is the thought behind the design on the new Nike Free Run+ 3.  (Which I must say is a very outstanding shoe, bought my pair last week)

Nike Free has been around for a while now, in the video below you’ll meet Ticker Hatfield.  This guy is the one that brought us the Nike Presto, which I personally loved back in 8th grade.  Nike Free was the first of its kind footwear giving you that “barefoot” feel.  Now you see other brands doing it their way.  So below is a brief history of the Nike Free. Enjoy