“Your Beer, Your Tap, Your Home”

When I first saw this I thought it, hasn’t this been done before?  Well after watching the videos from the people of Draftmark, it seems they have come up with their own thing and it seems very easy to use.  Like some home drafts you either bought an expensive system with a very limited selection or beer or you bought just a one time use system where you had to buy a whole new system every time.  Draftmark stands out on its own and has some great beers to choose from.  You can currently get either Budweiser, Bass, or Shock Top for this system, 3 great beers all with different styles, so theirs got to be one for you.  It works with a rechargeable battery and gallon size refills that lock into place.

Right now Draftmark and its refills are currently available in the St. Louis area.  I personally hope Draftmark catches on and can expand further than the S.T.L. area.  (We at PNS could use one for those long nights) Obviously with good results their will be more beer options to come.  To all our friends in the St. Louis area please give it a pour and let us know how it is.

Please check out the Draftmark site for more information.