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Jay-Z | Made In America

“Push the culture…”

To be honest, at first when I looked again for what this video actually meant I found a few things.  One source said this was a teaser for Jay-Z 12th album, which I would not be mad at all about.  Another said it was a teaser for “Made in America” music video from the “Watch The Throne” album.   Here is what I found what Made in America is…

Made in American will be a 2 day music festival.  It will be held September 1-2 in Philadelphia.  Their will be a number of artist on in the line up and in the video below Jay says he already has 70% of them committed.  Artist genres will range from rock, hip-hop, Latin, and dance.  There is said to be an estimated 29 making the bill.  On top of that Jay-Z himself will be performing both nights.  Not just Jay, this festival is sponsored by those people of Budweiser and Live Nation, we are certain this one will not disappoint.  One of the producers of the show is said to be Beyonce.  (Happy Mothers Day btw).

And to top it all off, could our own President Obama be a performer??  “I’m gonna tell you guys right now: I’m gonna give him a call, and I’m gonna try to get him to perform – do a little rendition of Al Green – but I doubt it. I think that opens up the political season,” he told Rolling Stone.

Tickets go on sale May 23, but if you want to get a real jump on them become friends with Budweiser Facebook and you will have access to pre-sale tickets on May 22.   Some of the proceeds will go to the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

“It’s going to be a great day in Philly,”  – Jay-Z