EIFFEL TOWER goes Urban Green

For those of you across the pond take a look up at the Eiffel Tower.  Kind of hidden within the 126 year old iron structure, which by the way was only thought to last 20 years, now has 2 vertical axis wind turbines.  Urban Green Energy has got 2 working wind turbines producing 10,000 kilowatt-hours and they are currently power the 1st floor that has a restaurant, gift shops, and exhibits about the tower.  The turbines are 17 foot long are painted to match the tower as to not pull any extra attention to them.  Surprisingly they do not make any noise and do not produce any vibrations, so they are no bother to the first floor or surrounding area.  The group that runs the tower wants to be more sustainable and also has in the works LED lights, solar power panels, and rainwater collection to be installed.

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