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Rock to Roll

The cold weather usually brings the whiskey, scotch, or cognac drinker within us.  It gives us that good warm feeling inside with every sip.  But the connoisseur’s know that too much ice can ruin this deep smooth liquid heater.  So … Continue reading

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Luxurious Luxury

Its hard to stand out in Dubai as most of you can imagine. Google the architecture and design in Dubai and you’ll be amazed, luxury at its finest finest. An enterprise called the Cipriani Group has now entered the game … Continue reading

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Street Artist | Supakitch x Koralie @ Världskultur Museet

French street artist Supakitch and Koralie collaborates at the Museum of World Culture (Världskultur Museet) in Göteborg, Sweden for their exhibit Metroplastique. Both styles combined create the most intricate shapes, colors, layers, images and abstract lines that faultlessly complement each … Continue reading

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A Project for Art

the new virtual museums… Continue reading